Eat Wild Calls for Unified Support from the Shooting Community After New Direction Proves to Take the Campaign for Came to New Heights

Eat Wild Calls for Unified Support from the Shooting Community After New Direction Proves to Take the Campaign for Came to New Heights

Eat Wild, the development board for British game, calls for warranted levy support from the shooting community in order to continue to secure new markets and successes for game. Without this levy support, Eat Wild will not be able to continue their work. 

The levy raised by guns, shoots, and all those who are in support of a thriving game shooting industry directly allows Eat Wild to create new markets and ensure a fully sustainable ‘circle of game’. It means Eat Wild can spread awareness of the benefits of British game through those that enjoy it today. 

Since Eat Wild was announced as the official development board for British game and the Assurance scheme was transferred from British Game Assurance to Aim to Sustain at the end of October 2023, Eat Wild has focussed its efforts, driven forward, and achieved remarkable success in the marketing of game:

  • In November 2023, game was served in stadiums for the first time, namely Emirates Stadium and London Stadium
  • Now a calendar staple, Eat Wild promoted Great British Game Week (6th-12th November 2023), introducing thousands of new consumers to game in Newcastle, Yorkshire, Middlesex, Aberdeenshire and beyond. In Newcastle alone, 1,250 portions of wild food were handed out to residents and students, many of whom had never tried game before. 
  • In January 2024, Eat Wild’s work to put game on the menu at Tops Nurseries was announced. 3,000 wild meat meals per month are now being served at 32 nurseries across Dorset and Hampshire
  • In January alone, Eat Wild featured in exactly 50 press publications with a total estimated audience of 894,512,586 people, including The Times, The Telegraph, The Spectator, Meat Management Magazine, and many more. 
  • On social media, Eat Wild has reached over 108,600 people on one TikTok post alone and continues to share new recipes and content in a ‘foodie’, consumer-friendly tone that appeals to millennials, urbanites and other demographics who are less likely to have tried game in the past.

Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of Eat Wild says 

“In black and white, this is the level of success that Eat Wild is able to achieve when backed by the shooting community. Without your support, the market for game is lessened, and the future of shooting therefore threatened. 

She continues

“Every new outlet secured for game through Eat Wild is a win for the whole shooting community. For example, the reaction we saw to Tops Nurseries’ new use of game on their school menu has been immensely positive and surely some of the best PR that the industry has celebrated in recent years. Everyone who is a supporter of Eat Wild, who pays the levy towards our work, has made these achievements happen, and I would like to personally thank everyone involved. With your continued support, we will go on investing in growing the game meat market.”

The future of Eat Wild is essential to the future of shooting. It is a vital tool to promote game as a high welfare, sustainable and free-range meat for those who do not count themselves among the countryside community. From the effects of Eat Wild, we can clearly see that people are inspired and excited by a modern, food-centred initiative, and that is what Eat Wild will, with no doubt, continue to deliver for shooting.  

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